Mission  |  About Us

At MODERNest, we get urban living. We live downtown, we are raising our family downtown, and we thrive on the cultural life of downtown. And that is why everything in a MODERNest house is designed the way you want it to be. Good spaces, lots of light, modern detailing, energy efficiency, solid construction, natural materials, and a family-friendly and healthy living environment.

MODERNest houses are located on tree-lined streets, in vibrant neighbourhoods, with good schools and public parks. We know you want to be close to transit to get to work, but we also know you need a place to park the family car.  MODERNest houses are located within a five-minute walk of a TTC stop, include parking for your Minivan or Mini-Cooper, and a backyard for playing ball or enjoying a cocktail after work.

A MODERNest house is one you can stay in through all stages of your family’s life – from pre-school to sleep-overs to kids off to university. And best of all, because MODERNest houses are architect-designed and are built to the highest standard, they will never go out of style and will increase in value with each passing year.