Mission  |  About Us

We started MODERNest in response to downtown Toronto’s need for mid-market contemporary houses. We believe that there are limited choices for people wanting a modern aesthetic who don't have the time, budget or inclination to commission a custom-designed home themselves.

A MODERNest house is developed from our shared desire to create high-quality, honest, and inspiring homes that express a modern spirit. We select sites that allow homeowners to easily take advantage of the best that this city has to offer.  We focus on getting the basics right - good rooms, large windows, plenty of closets, hardwood floors, strong connections between inside and outside, and a positive relationship of the house to its surroundings.  In doing so, we aspire to strengthen communities, revitalize the urban fabric, and be good neighbours.

MODERNest Co-Founders Kyra Clarkson and Christopher Glaisek studied architecture at Yale University, worked for ten years in New York City, and relocated to downtown Toronto to raise a family.