Hiše 77

Translation from Slovenian:

"This house was designed as a prototype for the urban family. Particular attention was paid to detail elegant, heartfelt material and spatial efficiency. Represents an alternative to suburban houses, where young people usually move when you outgrow urban little flat and you want to start a family.

Compact, modern and affordable - these are the words that describe this house. It is designed as a flexible project for an urban location that provides everything you need for a comfortable home. The process of building a house is documented and you can watch the videos on the website. There you can also order a house, which can also be sold in Europe.

Simple, thoughtful design of the house allows editing of the layout according to the different needs of the owners over time. It has two floors and a basement, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and rooms can be adapted to the needs of its purpose. Thus, the basement serves as a playroom, family common room, home office, fitness or music room...

The house has a modest footprint, and yet provides a luxurious quality of living. Through a completely open ground floor it is well connected to the surrounding area. The ceilings are high, and the large glass surfaces enable good lighting during the day."